Orem Keller Williams

The Orem Keller Williams was built in partnership with the owners of the Keller Williams real estate office.  Thrive acted as the owner / developer of the project and entered into a strategic partnership with the owners of Keller Williams for them to purchase the building upon its completion.  This facilitated more flexible financing terms for the owners ultimately reducing their cash out of pocket allowing them apply more of their money towards growing their business.  This building was the second building developed and sold to this ownership group by Thrive.  Nothing says satisfaction like repeat business.  The Orem Keller Williams Building houses the Keller Williams real estate company along with a mortgage lender and a title company.  A daylight basement was built featuring state of the art business presentation facilities and combines indoor / outdoor areas perfect for business meetings, trainings, presentations, and receptions.  The unique architecture sets this building apart and is prominently located just east of I-15 in Orem.  This building is an example of Thrive’s creativity in finding an ownership solution that works for both developer and tenant.